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Burgundy Flash

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This color has been around for decades, but until recently was only produced as a straight edged commercial style brick. Today it’s offered as tumbled only, so you get that elegant burgundy color on an antiqued body. The deep purple hearts and cross sets that accent this brick make it uniquely “Burgundy Flash”.

The 1920

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The 1920 brick has been popular for many years giving a perfect representation of an old used red brick with mortar left on it. The subtle frost effect and cross sets that show up on this red body, give it a great colonial appearance. For the classic look of an old red brick you will be pleased with 1920.


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From our earth tone category, Charleston falls in the middle of the spectrum. The transition from medium brown to darker tan and muted undertones of black, make this the brick reminiscent of old southern charm. A standard in our lineup for many years, this brick still commands lots of looks and exudes a feeling of welcome.

New Timer

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“New Timer” is the granddaddy of our antique brick line. Since its inception in the 80s it has been the standard by which other tumbled antiques have been measured. Highly sought after because of its distinctive character and authentic used qualities, coupled with subtle whites, burgundy’s, and blacks on our native red body, give it unequaled curb appeal. It is a true two sided brick because during production some of the colors get smeared on the back too enabling you to pick and choose the colors you want to enhance or subdue and have your mason lay them accordingly. The perfect antiqued red brick with so much to like.

Crimson Sand

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This color is no longer stocked, but is available in large enough quantities. Now it is produced on a rough antiqued body that closely resembles our Burgundy Flash only lighter.


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Nottingham was introduced in April of 2011 as a darker earth tone brick. Its popularity has only increased since that time. This tumbled antiqued body ranges in color from deep rich browns to lighter brown and soft black shades. If you are looking for a distressed, antiqued style brown brick, look no further.

Old English

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Looking for that English country cottage brick? Then take a hard look at “Old English”. This brick has evolved into our lightest shade of tumbled antiques and has a rocklike look in the wall. Primarily weathered white tones and touches of soft grey, this brick brings to mind a simpler time and the countryside cottages dotting England’s landscape.

Old St. Louis Blend

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If you are undecided between two or more colors of brick then check out our “Old St. Louis Blend”. We have taken three of our most popular colors and blended them together creating a new range of colors from greys through reds and browns and everything in between. Let your imagination run wild and do what many others have been able to do with all the possibilities this new blend affords.

Smokey Mountain

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Another new release in the fall of 2014, this brick was hot from the start. Smokey Mountain displays a range of dark greys, with subtle whites and blacks enhancing its overall appearance. Add to that the ability to lay it all face out, all back side out, or the combination of both, this brick is extremely adaptable for creating your own unique look. The more faces showing, the darker the wall becomes, or flipping some of the backs to the front, showing more color, lightens the look. You call the shots. This brick is on track to becoming our best seller ever.

Old Mangum

Mangum Bricks

The newest color to be released in the fall of 2014 was “Old Mangum”. We’ve worked hard to create an antiqued brick that blends well with a wide range of colors and will match almost anything. From just a test brick, over 200,000 were sold prior to the first actual production ever coming out of the kiln. Its instant popularity only proves it’s here to stay.

Country Bayou

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“Country Bayou”, one of the most unique colors in our new line up, was created to give the classic beauty of an “Old Chicago” used, plus all the benefits of a high quality new brick. Its lighter pastel shades make it a standalone color you won’t find anywhere else, and gives you the authentic old world look you will love for another hundred years.


Mangum Bricks

Even the name says character, linage, and tradition. Mangum Heritage brick is one of the oldest, most asked for brick throughout our tumbled antique lineup. Spanning the test of time this brick delivers the strong, stately, classical look that speaks of a time gone by yet still standing with strength, grace, and beauty. Although there is something unique about all the brick in our antique selection, this brick will never go out of style. Heritage, the very name speaks for itself.

Country French

Mangum Bricks

Meet the showstopper of our new lineup of Mangum Antique’s “Country French” has blown the competition away with it’s unequaled charm and beauty. Here is a blended brick that is one of the most beautiful, classic colors that Mangum has ever made available. This brick embodies the comfortable understated elegance that evokes feelings of old world French country living. Wrap your home with a graceful, inviting atmosphere that says welcome to family and friends.