Mangum Brick

Mangum Brick Company has been manufacturing the highest quality brick and clay products for both residential and commercial construction since 1902. From the early days when the one size fits all theory prevailed, Mangum Brick has adapted to the needs of the construction industry. As brick became more widely used and the benefits of building with brick became more and more evident, the need for more colors and more textures evolved. Not far behind was the need to innovate into larger sizes and even special shapes to achieve the desired look. Mangum Brick has always been attentive to these needs and stayed in step with the demands for new products from the building industry. We remain in that posture today. Always listening to the call, always trying to do what we do better, always developing new colors and styles of brick to fit each requirement.

One of the most sought after selection in our product line is our signature series, old world antique brick. These brick with their true tumbled, distressed appearance allows discriminating homeowners, contractors and architects to achieve a warm and inviting used brick look at a fraction of the cost. With our proven success of more than one hundred years experience in brick making , and the selection of one of our flagship old world brick, New Timer, Heritage, Charleston, or Thorndale, you will be comfortable knowing that your building project will remain beautiful and structurally sound year after year after year. Because of our ability to manufacture a wide variety of brick sizes, colors, and textures, Mangum Brick has become a main stay in the building community. Meeting needs throughout Oklahoma, Texas and the surrounding areas. We will always be open to new challenges and the opportunity to meet the needs that arise out of new design and architectural demands. Contact us if you have been unable to find a match for your brick or if your brick is no longer in production; we will explore making you a custom brick for your project or other custom clay products that you may need. We are proud of our heritage and accomplishments in the brick world and to be able to call Southwest Oklahoma our home. Mangum Brick, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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